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Sales Management

Kim Gillette
General Sales Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 334

I've been in the car industry for over 30 years. I'm originally from St. Joseph, MI and love the beach. I am so excited to be close to Lake Michigan again! My favorite part about working in this industry is getting to meet so many people. A fun fact about myself is that I married the first boy I ever kissed.

Dathan Bennett
Business Manager

Bill Goldrick
Pre-Owned Sales Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 336

Eric Stamper
Toyota Sales Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 341

I've been in the car industry and with Lake Shore for 19 years.  I started as a Ford Porter and have been selling Toyota's for 16 years.  The best part about this job is that I get to meet new people and I have a love for cars.  I'm corky, fun spirited, have good hair, have a passion for squeaky clean cars, and love to run!  When I'm not working, I love to make my lawn look like a baseball field, "love the lines in the grass"!



Zachary Buzalski
Sales Consultant

Maribeth Conyne
Sales Consultant
219-787-8600 ext. 339

I began my car sales career with Lake Shore in 2014.  My favorite part of the job is the opportunity to meet and help a lot of people.  It's always gratifying to work with a client to find the right car for their needs and get it right.  Something interesting about me is that I owned a small business in Chesterton for 10 years named the Regal Rabbit.  It was a kitchen and gourmet store.  Besides selling all types of kitchenware, we held cooking classes using a number of local restaurant chefs to teach.

Mark Ramirez
Sales Consultant
219-787-8600 ext. 364

I've been in the car industry for over 25 years and have been with Lake Shore for 10 years.  I enjoy meeting new people and with our Simple Price, not having to haggle with customers.  When I'm not working, I like to play basketball and golf.

Mike Pietrzak
Sales Consultant
219-787-8600 ext. 363


Internet Sales and Marketing

Lauren Meyers
Digital Marketing Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 351

I've been in the car business for almost 2 years and love that every day is different.  Some fun facts about me are that I was a collegiate swimmer and recently got married to a guy who I've known since kindergarten.  We don't have any children but do have 2 large fur babies who are like our children.

Maureen Duggan
Internet Sales Assistant
219-787-8600 ext. 303

I've been in the car industry for 10 years.  I like being able to solve problems and have the opportunity to enhance the "Lake Shore Experience" for our clients. Outside of work, I enjoy being in nature as much as I can.

Eileen Hyatt
Internet Sales Representative
219-787-8600 ext 355

I've been in the car industry for 4 years and have been with Lake Shore since November 2017.  I like the friendly environment and enthusiastic personalities I get to work with. A fun fact about me, is that I was born and raised in Covina, California and my mother's childhood home was next door to Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.  They grew up together and were good friends before they moved.  When I'm not at work, I like to go geocaching, camping and heading down to Attica, IN to go off-roading at Badlands in my '98 Toyota 4Runner.

Courtney Osika
Automotive Photographer
219-787-8600 ext. 328

I've been in the car industry and here at Lake Shore for a little over a year.  I really like the friendly atmosphere and the business.  I was born in Georgia, play the flute, and have played soccer since I was 3.  Outside of work I like to take pictures of nature.


Finance and Office

Brian Sweeney
Finance Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 319

Evelyn Avila
Title Clerk
219-787-8600 ext. 312

Laura Frisk
219-787-8600 ext. 330

Karen Jefferson
219-787-8600 ext. 313

Carrie Kitchens
Accounts Payable
219-787-8600 ext. 331

Kristie Kiel
219-787-8600 ext. 311



Paul Geoghegan
Parts Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 345

Logan Carpenter
Parts Representative
219-787-8600 ext. 347



Matt Peo
Service Writer

Tom Klaubo
Service Manager
219-787-8600 ext. 344

Mike Hebda
Service Representative
219-787-8600 ext. 348